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November 2023 production

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Stan and Ellen are an old couple who have been married for nearly fifty years, but for all that time they have been haunted by events that took place in the Second World War. A DFC hangs on the wall – but what was the story behind it and how has it affected their lives? A tale of tragedy and deception and, with the arrival of an unexpected visitor of revelation; of the unintended consequences of decisions made for the best of intentions. A short play that packs an emotional punch.

The David Evans Court Theatre, Pendley, Tring, Hertfordshire HP23 5QY
(Map Ref: SP 9414 1200)


Tickets from £8 + £1 commission

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FK Calendar at The Court
Year Season  Booked Dates (Get-in) Run  Show
2024 Spring  TBA  TBA
  Autumn  TBA  TBA
2025 Spring  TBA  TBA
  Autumn  TBA  TBA
2026 Spring  TBA  TBA
  Autumn  TBA  TBA

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